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2013 Year In Review

Lake University

Georgia Lakes Society held its first two Lake University Workshops in 2013. The first was held at the Chattahoochee Nature Center in Jan 2013. This GLS-sponsored event drew a capacity crowd and proved both the concept and the value of lake-management education to lake home-owners.

The second Lake University took place at the Oxbow Meadows Environmental Learning Center. Sponsored by Columbus Waterworks, this Lake University event helped further prove the idea that GLS could deliver solid lake-management content to interested parties outside of the Atlanta metro area.

New Logo

GLS Director Tony Dodd helped us reach out to his Georgia Power colleagues. The Georgia Power Graphics Division delivered a fresh, new, and winning look to the GLS logo. They presented several excellent options from which the board of directors selected one favorite. We immediately implemented the new logo in all of our communications.

Website Upgrades

Equipped with a new logo, GLS endeavored to update its web-presence, securing a brand-new WordPress website to fulfill its online needs. GLS is now able to edit its own website content on demand, maintaining the same, clean look and feel across all elements of our web-presence. One critical feature of the new website is the capability to solicit online donations. According to a 2011 study of online giving, all sectors in the nonprofit industry have experienced double-digit growth in the percentage of donations made online since 2009. We are now able to make this donations-mechanism available to our donors.

Conference Attendees

Georgia Lakes Society sent designees Dan and Marty Williams to the 2013 SE NALMS in Daytona, Florida. Additionally, Mary Mayhew represented GLS as the 2013 Weekend for Rivers (Georgia River Network). Mary Mayhew and Rob Randall represented GLS at the Adopt-A-Stream conference, Confluence.


GLS saw several mentions in LakeLine magazine. They printed an excellent write-up of our Winter 2013 Lake University, and provided some coverage in their Spring 2013 edition. They continue to cover our actions in the Lake University arena.

AAL Manual

Coordinating the input of many stakeholders, GLS submitted the Adopt-A-Lake manual to our Adopt-A-Stream (AAS) friends. They developed datasheets and added parameters to their excellent volunteer database so lake data will be able to be added. The AAS personnel are working on the formatting of the manual for publication.