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2014 Board Retreat Summary

This was a good day for The Georgia Lakes Society. The event was well-attended by enthusiastic participants who brought energy and ideas to the meeting. I want to extend my thanks to Mark Nelson and Lake Lucerne for the use of their clubhouse for the day. Our annual meeting was held a few weeks ago at the Water’s Edge clubhouse, also located in the Stone Mountain area.  Perhaps we’ve stumbled onto the perfect meeting venue for GLS board meetings? I can think of no better setting than a waterfront clubhouse!

Current Accomplishments & Goals

A newsletter will soon become part of the GLS flow of communication once again. This effort will be spearheaded by Jim Warner.

Lake University now has 4 events in the planning stages. Henry Johns is the point man for the October 11 event already scheduled for Stone Mountain; Ravi Malik has agreed to coordinate one at Albany State; Bobby Dunn will get the ball rolling in Milledgeville and Susan Wilde has agreed to replicate the event she spearheaded in Athens back in February again in the winter of 2015, which will once again be directed more at professionals needing Continuing Education credits. This is a great start! We’d like to see several more workshops in the planning stages. Now that we have the “formula” for a good Lake University workshop, suggestions for site locations and willing coordinators are welcome! We will soon send out an outline and guide that should provide a lot of help for those organizing these all important workshops.

A Bylaws committee has been formed to review and modify our bylaws so they better reflect the GLS in 2014. The organization is now about 25 years old, as are the bylaws. Marty and Hap have agreed to take on this project and give us something to look at by the October board meeting. Anyone interested in assisting them is encouraged and welcome to do so.

A Lake FAQ page complete with a way for visitors to ask GLS questions to which they’re seeking answers will soon become part of the website. GLS has the expertise to address almost any water/lake question that could be asked; this will hopefully provide a convenient way to connect the questions with the answers, which may become newsletter articles before landing permanently on the FAQ page. A volunteer is needed to begin assembling questions and answers that will serve as “seed” for the page.

Another web page needs to provide a clearinghouse of resources for lake services that inquiring visitors can access. A volunteer is needed to help compile this list. A companion to this page would be a place for corporate members to advertise their services.

Mickey welcomes help and assistance with managing the website. If this is your thing, please make contact and get plugged in.

Adopt A Lake: Mary and Mickey clarified issues for all in attendance so we can have a better understanding of what it is and hopefully what it can do for GLS. Our goal now is to activate this program so GLS can benefit from the tremendous years of hard work that have been invested in this valuable program. AAL can serve as the very nucleus of our member growth by providing a tangible way for members to contribute to the organization. This remains a top GLS priority.

Gail Carmody has convinced us of the value of joining the property managers association (CAI). This will improve our relationship with lake homeowners and managers across the state.

MarketingRavi, Mickey and Bobby have agreed to tackle this all important task of creating an overall marketing strategy for GLS.  We would welcome the help of experienced marketers so we can make sure we’re doing the right things for GLS.



Don Kulak suggested that GLS adopt a overriding mantra along the lines of “Clean Lakes for Everyone”; “Cleaning Lakes for Georgia”; or ______________.  You get the idea- something catchy, grandiose and simple that instantly identifies our reason, purpose and goal for existing. Send your ideas to Don. He can share them with the board in October and then we can pick one to serve as our “battle cry”.

Local Member Chapters: Bobby Dunn has agreed to explore the viability of forming a pilot local chapter of GLS in Milledgeville. The idea is that such a group would function under the umbrella of GLS, but provide more localized and specific information and assistance to an area’s waterfront homeowners.

Susan Wilde plans to explore enlisting the help of graduate students to compile a list/inventory of Georgia’s lakes. The idea is to eventually add water quality information to this data base, use it in the AAL program and add this information to our website. This will be a huge project that could eventually be a really big deal for GLS as well as a valuable resource for the state. If this is something that piques your interests, she would welcome your energy and I’m sure would point it in a productive direction. The possibility of adding a stipend for student(s) working on this project was put on the table, as well as the possibility of pursuing grant money to fund it.

Fishing tournament: this is an idea that has been floating around GLS for a year or two, but the “how”, “where” and “why” were never very clear. Many of those answers may be coming into focus. Susan Wilde claims there are “under-fished” lakes needing relief. (Who knew?) It was suggested that we partner with / sponsor a future Jon Boat tournament that will be held at Bear Creek Reservoir and use it for a membership drive. If this is your thing, grab a paddle and lead GLS into the fishing tournament fun.